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Fastbird Dev Studio

Fastbird Dev Studio

Fastbird Dev Studioは済州に位置した小規模なインディーズゲームスタジオです。
インハウスエンジンである'fastbird engine'とこのエンジンを活用したインディーズゲームを開発しています。

Gluonはfastbird engineで作られた初めてのゲームです。このゲームは好戦的な帝国艦隊の攻撃によって廃墟になった地球から生き残られた生存者たちが輸送船トラバルト号を乗り、新たな故郷惑星を探し出る冒険に関するゲームです。プレーヤーは資源の収集を通して艦船を拡張し、強力な防御システムを構築し、艦船と生存者たちを守らなければなりません。[詳しく]


'Gluon' has been greenlit! - 2016/05/30

'Gluon', the first indie game project with 'fastbird engine', is now greenlit!

Thank you for your attention to our indie project and your generous up-votes. Also I want to say thank you to Steam Business team for picking 'Gluon' to be glreenlit.

The development progress of 'Gluon' is now well under way. The major tasks left are 'Polishing Ending Scene', 'Adding Item Quality', 'Balancing', 'Data Packing', 'Making Promotion Movie', 'Integrating Steam Works Library', and so on. These tasks will be finished by August I GUESS.

Thanks again for greenlighting 'Gluon'. This news encouraged us a lot.

The screenshot attached below is the result of integrating 'Globe Rendering' technique I recently developed into 'Gluon'.

Visit: 'Gluon' greenlit page

'fastbird engine' 2016 Feb. released. - 2016/02/29

'fastbird engine' 2016 Feb is released. The update for this month is focused on stability. Details...

'fastbird engine' 2016 Jan. released. - 2016/01/31

'fastbird engine' 2016 Jan is released. The major changes are cascaded shadow and camera importing from Collada. Details...