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fastbird engine

'fastbird engine' is an in-house game engine developed and used by 'Fastbird Dev Studio'. This engine is consists of three layers called Core layer, Engin layer, Facade/Deciated layer. Each compoents in the engine have very restricted responsibilities anyone can anticipate from the component name. This makes the components independent and easy to reuse. 'fastbird engine' is built up of loop-free layered architecture in which all dependencies among components are heading to the same direction. You can check out the details on fastbird_engine_architecture.pdf file.

'fastbird engine' is an open-source game engine anyone can use.

Dependency graphs of 'fastbird engine'(Click to enlarge)


You can download the source codes of 'fastbird engine' at the following url. You can download the document explaining the detailed architecture of 'fastbird engine'. You can donwload the .uml file which can be open in StarUML.

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