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Fastbird Dev Studio

Fastbird Dev Studio

'Fastbird Dev Studio' is an indie game developer located in Jeju, South Korea. We are creating indie games and apps with the in-house game engine called 'fastbird engine'.

'Gluon' is the first game powered by fastbird engine. This game is about protecting earthling survivors on the modular ship called 'Trabalt' after the hostile galactic Empire attacked the Earth. Gather resources, expand the ship and building strong defense systems to protect your people.[Details...]

Latest News

Workout Tracker by Fastbird has been released! - 2017/03/16

'Workout Tracker by Fastbird' is an app for tracking your calisthenics workouts, weight/interval training and speed/endurance training. It provides 'Rest Timer', 'Plates Calculator', 'Interval Timer' and 'Speed Timer'. Visit the Official Website for details.

'Gluon' has been greenlit! - 2016/05/30

'Gluon', the first indie game project with 'fastbird engine', is now greenlit!

Thank you for your attention to our indie project and your generous up-votes. Also I want to say thank you to Steam Business team for picking 'Gluon' to be glreenlit.

The development progress of 'Gluon' is now well under way. The major tasks left are 'Polishing Ending Scene', 'Adding Item Quality', 'Balancing', 'Data Packing', 'Making Promotion Movie', 'Integrating Steam Works Library', and so on. These tasks will be finished by August I GUESS.

Thanks again for greenlighting 'Gluon'. This news encouraged us a lot.

The screenshot attached below is the result of integrating 'Globe Rendering' technique I recently developed into 'Gluon'.

Visit: 'Gluon' greenlit page

'fastbird engine' 2016 Feb. released. - 2016/02/29

'fastbird engine' 2016 Feb is released. The update for this month is focused on stability. Details...